Rotorfest 2019

2019 signs are up to help guide you to Rotorfest. This one is at the corner of Greenville Road and Patterson Pass. Most people will be coming South on Greenville from the 580. Turn left at this sign.

2019 Videos

2019 Gallery: Click for single photos

2019 raffle prize winners

The Ranch Before Rotorfest 2019

The second sign is at the entrance driveway
The new construction at The Ranch is Ready for Rotorfest. Here you can see the AC powered charging station and the center stage flying pad. There are two additional concrete pads on either side. RC or tent camping will be available directly behind the charging station.

Photos from prior years

Spotlight night flying at Rotorfest 2018 using the renowned Rhodesengr spotlight system
Drones are good for something! Great aerial view.
Steve. Stylish as always.
Great turnout for our first years at The Ranch
John Soda flying at Rotorfest 2017
Another nice aerial view
The lovely and talented Cecelia getting ready for cocktail hour